dreaming on

After a long day at work, a solid hour in the gym, a dull bus ride home, dinner and dishes complete, my favorite part of the day begins. The last few weeks have been filled with many evenings sitting in front of the fire place, drink tea-peppermint for me, please. sleepy-time for him, thanks-and good conversations. We always catch up from our day apart, and then spend the rest of the time dreaming.

We have our dream house imagined: a gorgeous house we build together on a big piece of land. A wrap-around porch for me, a big garage for him. We both want a large kitchen, chickens in the back, and a fireplace inside and outside.

We have our next two dogs chosen and named.

We talk about kids: the number, gender, names, years apart.

We talk about adventuring and have decided where we want to go next. Italy, Ireland, Germany, and beyond…

Having someone to dream with is so exhilarating. It’s exciting being able to dream, and slowly watch our dreams turn into reality. Or watch them shift and change as our lives change.

I wonder where we’ll be in 5 years. I wonder how many of our dreams will have come true, or what alterations we will have made.

I wonder what our dream house will be in 5 years, or if we’ll have our puppy. I wonder if we’ll have a baby or have pictures and memories stored up from our adventures.

Until then, we’ll keep dreaming and planning, sitting by our fireplace sipping on tea as the winter slowly melts away.


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