to the woods we go

I got home from work on Thursday and desperately needed time to clear my head and unplug from the world. Working a 9-5 (really, a 7:30-4:30) day-in and day-out starts to ware down my spirit and throw my mind into a pattern of robotic automatic configuration. My weekends are completely booked until October 1; I have 8 weddings and a bunch of other photo-shoots, 3 camping trips, 3 out of state trips, 1 international trip, and a million other things going on ON TOP of work. It’s all fun and enjoyable, adventurous, and the crazy, go-go-go lifestyle I’ve created and chosen. But, sometimes, I need quiet. I need solitude. I need silence and nature. Time to remember God is God, He is good, He is mighty and His love is never ending.

I told my husband to pack the car and drive North. And away we went. It was everything I needed and more. The two of us hiking, sitting around a campfire laughing until well past sunset. Star gazing and soaking in the tranquility of the night. I felt so in-love with life that night and my soul was refreshed. It was so, so good for the heart and mind.

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2015-06-13 10.07.18-1

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2015-06-12 20.42.002015-06-12 21.24.01-1


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