I’m so very glad that you have stumbled upon my blog; my little corner of the internet. I started this blog mostly to keep my family and friends updated when I’m out on the road for photography, traveling the country, exploring the world, or just off on some adventure.

I work down town Minneapolis and love the hustle and bustle of city life. I also love the peace and quiet of country life.

I’m married to the most amazing man who supports my crazy dreams and passions. we live in a cozy little home where yummy food is made, candles are lit constantly, laughter and conversation flows easily, and adventure is always waiting to happen. We love Jesus and are so thankful He has blessed our lives so much.



//wife//adventurer//coffee snob//learning to love deeply and fight for joy in all things//Christ, my hope, is the anchor for my soul//


8 thoughts on “moi

  1. Alright so, dumb question, but I’m pretty new to WordPress. Do you have the custom design upgrade? Because you have pictures mixed with text on this page and I’m pretty sure you need that upgrade to do that?? Right?

  2. Not a dumb question at all! Actually no, you don’t need the upgrade to do it. I just have the free, basic WordPress blog. After you click ‘new post,’ write it in ‘visual’ instead of ‘HTML’. You can write, insert photos, write more, put more pictures in, etc. It works well! And it’s so much fun. Let me know if that helps! I can try to help more if you can’t figure it out. Good luck!

  3. Hello, my name is Alise Fugale. I am an ICT student at Deer Park School in Cirencester, UK. I have looked at your blog. I am working on a DIDA project and I would really like to use someimages from your blog. The project will only be seen by my classmates, teacher and exam board. Please could you allow me to use the images from the link below:

  4. Hi, Sorry this isn’t really a comment but I love the picture of the vintage couple almost kissing. It looks like its from the 50’s or 60’s?? Where did you find that image?? I would love to order it to frame or something.


  5. Are you taking about this one? That’s actually one of my photos-I did a photo shoot with my cousins this past winter. I’m glad you like it! If you’re interested in ordering it to blow up/frame, we can talk about that!

    Would you mind e-mailing me?

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